Minnesota Wine In The Twin Cities

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2 Responses

  1. steve holman says:

    Nice article! As an independent business simply representing 4 of Minnesota’s top wineries promoting locally grown product, I daily deal with the perception that good local wine cannot be made. A few minutes later after tasting, the smiles begin. And, the educational wine club events that I present end up being a great eye opening surprise for all as to the quality of the wines! Slowly but surely we are seeing changing attitudes. Cheers!

    Steve Holman,owner – Heartland Wine Sales
    On Facebook @heartlandwinesales
    Woodland Hill Winery
    Indian Island Winery
    Northern Vineyards
    Crofut Family Winery

    • Mark Ganchiff says:


      Thanks for your support and for the encouraging words from Minnesota. We’re hearing similar comments from across the Midwest, as wine quality improves, consumers are taking notice. Independent distributors are doing a lot of the heavy lifting by bridging the gap between producers and urban wine retailers.

      Mark G.