Installing a Vineyard: Line Post Decisions

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2 Responses

  1. Brion says:

    How did you attach the wire to your T-post line posts? I see these things called T-post clips, but they just look like pieces of wire to me. It seems that, since T-posts don’t have any holes or hooks (just those knobs), that it would be difficult to ensure that the top wires don’t wiggle their way down past the knob?

  2. Danny Wood says:

    Hi Brion,
    Thanks for your question. To mark the one year anniversary of your question, here, finally is an answer to it (!)…you’ll find that those T-Post clips work well and don’t slip. The T-Posts I used did have hooks/nobs but the clips can be tightened very firmly and don’t actually need those hooks/nobs to stay up.