October 20, 2017

2015 Midwest Winery Rankings

The Midwest wine industry continues to grow. The number of wineries in the 11 state area Midwest Wine Press covers rebounded strongly during 2014 after barely growing at all during 2013. During 2014, the number of Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) winery permits in the Midwest increased by 7% to 1,264.Midwest Wine Press has been tracking winery permits since 2012. During … [Read more...]

Dry Rosé – A Midwest Wine Industry Game Changer?

In the Midwest it's sweeter wine that pays the winery bills. Unlike the east and west coasts, a clear majority of tasting room customers in our part of the world prefer to drink the sweet stuff. They have good reason to - our region makes some great sweet wines. However, wine experts have noticed that that could be starting to change. Dry rosé could be emerging as a game changer - a crossover wine … [Read more...]

Clark Smith Upbeat About Midwest Wine Industry

Clark Smith, winemaker, wine innovator and author, is one of the star speakers at Missouri’s upcoming Midwest Grape & Wine Conference in St. Charles. As editor of Appellation America he also keeps a close eye on emerging grape varieties and has a particular interest in the hybrid grapes grown in the Midwest. The California based Smith comes to this year’s conference excited about the future … [Read more...]

B2B: Winery or Theme Park?

The experience is everything. This idea is a dominant thread in the services sector, including the Midwest wine industry, where it’s the marketeering belief that you need to provide more than just a good wine to ensure customers return.The concept, true in part, may have gone too far. Across the Midwest there seem to be a number of wineries where the experience is more important than the wine. … [Read more...]

B2B: Genuinely Local Wineries Deserve More Promotion

I had a dream. The year was 1965 in California. I was observing wine pioneer Robert Mondavi who had just been fired by his family’s winery (something that happened in our real world too). Desperate and jobless I watched him hold a meeting with a French grape broker (that didn’t happen in our world). The broker offered to cheaply ship thousands of gallons of French juice to California, to save … [Read more...]

Midwest Wine Industry Grows 5%

Figures due to be released by Nielsen at the Midwest Grape & Wine Conference will show that the region’s wine industry continues to grow at an overall rate of 5%. Liz Crews, Analytic Lead for Nielsen Beverage Alcohol Practice, will present the statistics during the conference session, "Emerging Trends within Beverage Alcohol" on February 5th. See related story: Midwest Winery Rankings for … [Read more...]

Midwest Direct Wine Shipping Increases Dramatically

The Direct to Consumer Wine Shipping Report 2013 released today shows that the volume and value of wine shipped to customers from Midwestern states increased dramatically during 2012.The report, by ShipCompliant and Wines & Vines, includes the Midwest in its 'Rest of US' category. The 'Rest of US' category experienced an almost 24% increase in the volume of direct shipping wine sales in … [Read more...]

Outlook Bright for 2012 Midwest Wine Tourism

Record-high gas prices this spring threatened to deflate plans for tasting rooms to welcome a steady stream of visitors coaxed by unusually mild temperatures.But, according to tourism officials in wine regions throughout the Midwest, wine lovers don’t mind paying current gas prices, as high as $4.25 a gallon in some areas.   Midwest wine tourism officials interviewed last week reported no … [Read more...]

Michigan Wine Industry on the Threshold of “Legitimacy”

The primary goal for the Michigan wine industry is "legitimacy,"  according to both Linda Jones, Executive Director of the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council (MGWIC) and  Dr. Brent Ross, Assistant Professor at Michigan State University.   As the top Midwestern state for both grape and wine production,  Michigan's wine industry has progressed to the point where the next stage of growth will … [Read more...]

So What’s “Midwest Wine” Anyway?

We have received several comments about the name of our publication,  Midwest Wine Press.  Some readers have correctly noted that there is no such thing as “Midwest Wine.”   As the publisher, I have to agree that the term “Midwest Wine” is more complex and far-reaching than any one moniker can capture.Creating a succinct definition for the wines produced between the Finger Lakes and the … [Read more...]