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Creating a Regional Flavor 0

Creating a Regional Flavor

Last fall,  I was having a discussion with one of my volunteer pickers about tasting local wines. He had recently visited some local wineries and mentioned one in particular. “It didn’t feel right. It...


Nan Bailly Guides Alexis Bailly Vineyard

It’s possible that winemaker Nan Bailly’s kin enjoyed native Minnesota wine during canoe trips through the state in the 1820’s when it was still wilderness.  Bailly, owner, winegrower and winemaker at Alexis Bailly Vineyard,  has...


“Grandma Ester” and Other Wine Aromas

How can a winemaker craft a white wine that does not have the unexciting vinous smell of white wine?  According to Dr. Anna Katherine Mansfield of Cornell University,  the winemaker’s art is accentuating a...