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Labrusca Wines Deserve More Respect

When discussing wine, it is close to fatal to suggest a wine is a Labrusca or even has some Labrusca characteristics. Winemakers, enthusiasts and sommeliers will drop the discussion like it was a cold that is...

Frontenac Outgrows Wild Youth 1

Frontenac Outgrows Wild Youth

The Frontenac wine grape started with a graduate student on a canoe trip.   While paddling through the suburbs of Minneapolis during 1976, a University of Minnesota graduate student named Patrick Pierquet found the wild...

Riedel to Create First Ever Vignoles Glass 0

Riedel to Create First Ever Vignoles Glass

On December 6th,  Riedel, the world’s leading wine glass company, will host a meeting at Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta to help design the world’s first glass for Vignoles.  Flying in from Austria for...