Foch Maintains a Midwest Following

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2 Responses

  1. Great article. I still think that Foch beats the competitors (Frontenac, Marquette, Chambourcin) hands down. Like Vignoles (white French-American hybrid), there are many ways the wine can be made and finished. The fact that Foch can work in different growing zones shows its versatility.

    I’m surprised you did not talk about Leon Millot (Kuhlmann 192) since it is related to Foch (Kuhlmann 188). I prefer Foch over Millot but Millot has its advocates.

  2. It is reported that older foch vines produce a better grape. That may be born out by wollenshines 42 year old vines. One fall back to foch iw while it is very cold hardy it is susuptable to 2-4–D more than many other variatials. It can take a lot but will be killed or become sterile with moderate doses of 2-4-D & dicammba. Ted