University of Minnesota Fall Grape Tour

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3 Responses

  1. joey says:

    Hi, i would love to get a link to the file for making your own concrete posts (for vineyard). The link in the article is dead.

  2. Jon Millner says:

    I’ve wondered about the potential of Zweigelt for years. If I remember write, there was a genetic test on it and found out it was actually a hybrid. If memory serves, St.Laurent was tested and had a small amount of hybrid genetics. This explains why Zweigelt seems to be a little bit more cold hardy than pretty much any other vinifera and the leaves too, look like something a little bit in between something pure vinifera and N.american hybrids.

    • Alexandru Bortnov says:

      Jon , Thank you for your comments. Yes, some debates existing about parentage of St.Laurent, but they are leaning more towards of a natural seedling of Vinifera Pinot Noir grape. Even the other synonym of St.Laurent is a Pinot Saint Laurent. According to Vitis International Variety Catalogue (VIVC) Zweigelt is a pure Vinifera variety based on two Vinifera cultivars St.Laurent and Blaufraenkisch ( ). Last update for that grape was done on 09.29.2014. Marker data on St.Laurent grape, according to VIVC, also showing that it is a Vinifera variety.
      Zweigelt (aka Zweigeltrebe) definitely merit our attention as a high quality nicely tannic grape.