Five Key Components to Winery Sales

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3 Responses

  1. Great article, it is often that I work with clients and ask them about their goals and 9 out 10 times they respond with “Sell more wine”. I generally respond that “sell more wine” is a wish, not a goal, and then get the sometimes angry, always befuddled looks.
    So many small businesses – wineries are no exception – spend a majority of their time reacting and dreaming, but not actually planning and setting measurable (SMART) goals. So thanks for this great article!

  2. This article contains extremely important information for any business. We have a start up winery and business advice is invaluable. Please keep articles coming!

    Peggy Lapacek
    Rock ‘n Wool Winery

  3. Krispin and Peggy,

    Thank you for reading the article and providing your feedback! If you don’t mind me asking, have you set any particularly effective goals which resulted in increased sales? (Stay tuned–there is a second part to this article which lists some of my specific recommendations).

    Best regards,

    Paul Gospodarczyk
    Today’s Wine Professional