Great Lakes Riesling Steps Onto The World Stage

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2 Responses

  1. Hi:
    I loved your artical; however you did have one small error. Chateau Grand Traverse is “mid Michigan”, south of the 45th. Above the 45th is northern Michigan.
    Cold tolerant vines south of the 45 and cold hardy varietal north of the 45th.
    A whole new world of cold hardy vineyards and wines made from cold hardy varieties is being born in “Northern MIchigan”.


    • Harry Ballsonia says:

      I’d have to disagree with you Doc., as I imagine the vast majority of us so called “Mid-Michiganders”. Please visit us up here in Traverse City (or north of the 45th for that matter on the Leelanau) and proclaim this to be “Mid-Michigan”. And semantics aside, cold hardy and cold tolerant are interchangeable. One does not differentiate between both terms in relation to the 45th parallel (here in Northern Michigan, anyway). And to split hairs further, this are is generally referred to Northwest Michigan – please see maps page.
      Also, please consult a map. Chateau Grand Traverse is on Old Mission Peninsula, the most northern point of which essentially touches the 45th. Heading west the 45th parallel intersects the Leelanau Peninsula which is home to many wineries and vineyards – north and south of the 45th.

      If the Upper Peninsula of Michigan growers (or growers north of Petoskey for that matter) want an AVA to call home, they need to approach our federal government and specify as such. I’m sure the fed. would have no problem allowing the term ‘Northern Michigan’ for the U.P.