MN-WI Distribution Differences Wider Than The Mississippi

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4 Responses

  1. sarah botham says:

    Not all of Wisconsin’s extraordinary wine growers and producers belong to nor adhere to the philosophies of the Wisconsin Winery Association. You would better serve your audience by looking beyond the obvious sources to identify some of the equally popular and long-standing vineyards for stories and insights regarding legislation, sales, etc. that stand apart from those of the association members. We welcome your interest and serious inquiry.

    • mganchiff says:


      Thanks for commenting on the Midwest Wine Press Wisconsin wine distribution story. As a relatively new publication, we’re in the process of establishing contacts in the industry and your input is appreciated. Our reporter wrote the story from the perspective of the sources she was able to contact, which admittedly were somewhat limited. However, part of the reason for the story is to advocate for the Wisconsin wine industry. (As a resident of the state with perhaps the worst state government in the U.S. (IL), it was surprising to learn that WI has more restrictive distribution laws than ours.)

      Would you be available as a source to contact for future articles in Midwest Wine Press? Also, I’d like to visit Botham Vineyards this spring or summer and I look forward to the possibility of meeting you.

      Best regards,

      Mark Ganchiff
      Midwest Wine Press

      • sarah botham says:

        Oh, and we’d love to welcome you to the vineyard & winery sometime this spring. Please let me know when you plan to visit so that we can be sure to be here.
        kind regards,

  2. sarah botham says:

    We would be happy to be a resource for future Midwest Wine Press articles. Thank you. Please contact me or my husband, Peter, at this email address for story needs or insights.
    And best of luck to you in this endeavor.