October 20, 2017

Where’s the Local on the Wine List?

The local food movement has pushed farm fresh produce to the menus of top restaurants around the country, yet the movement stops short when it comes to local wines. Even restaurants hailed as leaders in local sourcing often have few, if any, local wines. A study of the menus of six of the top rated Twin Cities “locavore” restaurants reveals only one carries Minnesota wine – and they offer only a … [Read more...]

Is Australian Chambourcin The Best?

Chambourcin is a very popular grape for winemakers in less extreme temperatures zones of the Midwest. However, like many hybrids, the grape isn't high in tannins and once vinified into dry red wine, it can be plagued by an overly vegetal taste.I haven't tried a huge number of Chambourcin wines - possibly fifteen to twenty -  but even to a fan of hybrid grapes like me, many were simply too … [Read more...]

Midwest Wine Press Readership Hits All Time High

July was the highest readership month ever for Midwest Wine Press.  Total page views exceeded 19,500 during July and there were more than 9,500 visits to the website.According to Midwest Wine Press publisher Mark Ganchiff,  readership has been steadily increasing since MWP launched in September of 2011.  "What's exciting for the Midwest wine industry is that Midwest Wine Press has over 71,000 … [Read more...]

Demand for Sweet Reds and Whites Shows Most Growth

It looks like rapidly increasing numbers of US wine consumers have taste buds more suited to the sorts of sweeter wine styles traditionally offered across the Midwest.The Wine Institute, quoting a report by Nieslen, says that for wine types sold in food stores and other off-premise sites, consumer demand rose the most steeply during 2012 for wines made from Muscat grapes and "domestic red … [Read more...]

More Photos: Midwest Wine Conference 2013

Earlier this month, Midwest Wine Press attended the Midwest Grape & Wine Conference in St. Charles, Missouri. We've already posted a story preview and some photos here: See related article: 2013 Midwest Wine Conference: Photos & Story Preview Here are some more photos of the winemakers, speakers and characters who attended the biggest wine conference and trade show in the Midwest... … [Read more...]

2013 Midwest Wine Conference: Photos & Story Preview

Midwest Wine Press attended the first two days of the three-day Midwest Grape & Wine Conference in St Charles, Missouri. Thanks to Vineyard & Winery Management for a media pass!The conference ended on Saturday, February 9th. We attended lectures, spent time meeting people at the Trade Show and enjoyed the Wine & Dine Gala on Friday evening.We'll be rolling out stories soon … [Read more...]

Kansas Wine Conference: Photos & Story Preview

On Friday and Saturday, Midwest Wine Press attended the 27th Annual Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers Association (KGGWA) Conference in Topeka, Kansas.Among the speakers were a number of Midwestern viticulture heavy-weights. We got along to these talks:Lucian Dressel, who in 1966 reopened Missouri's Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta and now breeds and patents new grape varieties at Davis … [Read more...]

Why Buy Local Wines?

Why should consumers buy local wines? To support the community, to be a locavore, to support their local grape growers and wineries? Yes, yes and yes. But even more importantly, because your local wines are absolutely delicious! Midwest wines are getting better and better every vintage. From hybrids to viniferas, the wineries of the Midwest are constantly and consistently improving their … [Read more...]

Drought Produces “Good Wine” in the Midwest

An Associated Press report by Jim Suhr about the grape harvest in the Midwest takes the angle that the severe drought could see, "standout wine from a region better known for corn and soybeans."  Also in the article, an interesting observation from the California wine establishment: Diego Meraviglia, vice president of the North American Sommelier Association, says the drought has cost some grape … [Read more...]

Interview with Chicago Wine Author Clara Orban

Recently, Midwest Wine Press spent time with Clara Orban, the author of Wine Lessons: Ten Questions to Guide Your Appreciation of Wine.   Clara not only chairs the Department of Modern Languages at DePaul University in Chicago, she's also a Certified Sommelier.  Much of Clara's book examines the intersections of wine, geography and history.Your book is an interesting study of the relationship … [Read more...]