Is Australian Chambourcin The Best?

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3 Responses

  1. Jedidiah White-Mathany says:

    The higher concentrations of herbal notes in Missouri Chambourcins are probably due to picking too early and not practicing leaf thinning early or heavy enough (methoxypyrazine management). The real question I have for the Aussies is what kind of trellis system are they using? In Missouri Chambourcin is typically grown on a high wire cordon trellis system.

  2. Jedidiah White-Mathany says:

    Also what kind of planting density (vine x row spacing) are the Aussies using? I believe solving questions like these in relation to vine vigor will help solve the herbal flavor and aroma issues common to Midwestern Chambourcin

    • Mark Ganchiff says:

      Thanks for your comments Jed. I’m hoping Capercaille Wine will answer soon…in the meantime, in line with what you’re saying, I just came across this quote in my VESTA course lecture notes from Australian viticulturalist, Brian Croser: ‘Differences in canopy management can produce more significant quality differences than the difference in temperature summation between regions”
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