September 21, 2017

Wine Competition Winners in the Midwest

Listed below are the top award winners for the major Midwestern Wine Competitions. The Cold Climate Wine Competition in Minnesota winners can be accessed by clicking the link below.  It's heartening to see so many quality cold climate wines among the winners.  We've included the types of grapes used to make the all the winners. Mid-American Wine Competition (Iowa) Sweepstakes Award … [Read more...]

Virginia Shows the Potential of Midwest Wine

Recently, I returned from a trip to the Central Virginia wine producing region around Charlottesville.  There are many similarities between Virginia and the Midwest that demonstrate the promise of our Midwestern wine industry. Hybrid wines are not only being grown successfully in Virginia, but consumers are buying them.If you haven't heard, Virginia wine is hot. There are now over 200 … [Read more...]

2015 Midwest Winery Rankings

The Midwest wine industry continues to grow. The number of wineries in the 11 state area Midwest Wine Press covers rebounded strongly during 2014 after barely growing at all during 2013. During 2014, the number of Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) winery permits in the Midwest increased by 7% to 1,264.Midwest Wine Press has been tracking winery permits since 2012. During … [Read more...]

Cassie Bott New IWGA President

Cassie Bott of Fireside Winery in Marengo has been elected as president and Mike Vincent of Wooden Wheel Vineyard in Keota as vice president of the Iowa Wine Growers Association Board of Directors.New Board committee assignments were also made recently, which include Suzie Berregaard (In Vino Veritas) and Steve Larson (Train Wreck Winery) serving as the Legislative Committee; Cassie Bott and … [Read more...]

The First “Bottle Shock” Was in the Midwest

Many of us are familiar with the prestigious wine judging that took place in Paris in 1976 in honor of the American Bi-Centennial. The event was commemorated, or should we say celebrated by the Americans at least, in the movie “Bottle Shock.”Designed to be a competition between several well-regarded American wines vs. a selection of some of France’s most famed wines it took on … [Read more...]

Iowa’s Fireside Winery to Purchase Ackerman Winery

Fireside Winery in Marengo, Iowa announced that is purchasing Ackerman Winery,  Iowa's oldest operating winery, which is located in the Amana Colonies.  Harry and Louisa Ackerman started the winery in their basement in 1956. Later, Les and Linda Ackerman took over Ackerman and produce mainly fruit and labrusca wines.  Fireside said they believe that Ackerman's fruit wines will complement their own … [Read more...]

Tim Hanni’s Awards for Wines Consumers Like

During February 2012, Midwest Wine Press wrote a story about Tim Hanni's presentation at the Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association Conference: Midwest Wines Should Embrace Sweetness .Hanni is a leading international authority on wine taste preferences and vinotyping. His well constructed message is spot-on for the Midwest Wine Industry: Be proud of making quality sweet wines and … [Read more...]

Cold “Wreaking Havoc” on Regional Wine Industry

The O'Keefes of Northern Michigan -Edward and son Eddie- have been farming grapes on the Old Mission Peninsula since 1974.  So when the O'Keefes express concern about the cold damage of the past two years at their Chateau Grand Traverse Winery (see below), it's not Weather Channel style meteorological hype.At daybreak Friday morning, the temperature in Traverse City was -17F.  A few degrees … [Read more...]

Lori Paulsen New Exec Dir at NWGGA

The Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association (NWGGA) is pleased to announce that Lori Paulsen has recently taken over the Executive Director position for the 90 member non-profit association representing Nebraska wineries, vineyards and grape growers. Paulsen, a veteran in the nonprofit sector, holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has a strong communications, … [Read more...]

Clark Smith Upbeat About Midwest Wine Industry

Clark Smith, winemaker, wine innovator and author, is one of the star speakers at Missouri’s upcoming Midwest Grape & Wine Conference in St. Charles. As editor of Appellation America he also keeps a close eye on emerging grape varieties and has a particular interest in the hybrid grapes grown in the Midwest. The California based Smith comes to this year’s conference excited about the future … [Read more...]