Tasting Rooms with No Tasting Notes Sell More Wine

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2 Responses

  1. Tom Cottrell says:

    Danny: on 9/3 I sent your note on “No Tasting Notes” to all 70 Kentucky wineries.
    These are some of the responses:
    1) Tom,
    We are trying this and I will check some numbers. Traffic is certainly up. Another theory is that the Staff focuses more on the customer when they are not concerned with a presentation atmosphere.
    2) Excellent thought, I was wondering if the effect could be the difference between heart and intellect sensing. When you are given notes it requires you to use your intellect to determine the flavors, errors, highlights etc. With no notes it is more of an experience and rather it is pleasing or not. The heart always wins.
    3) The best tasting notes come from the winemaker.!!
    4) I saw this study. Do you have any idea what was meant by sensory information, i.e. sweet, dry, fruity, crisp, nutty, etc.

    So you see what I am up against.

    Dr. Tom Cottrell
    Extension Enologist
    University of Kentucky
    859 533-8759

    • Mark Ganchiff says:

      Hi Dr Cottrell,
      Thanks for retesting the study in Kentucky…a very interesting range of responses! I’m sure the crew at Cornell University will be flattered and pleased too.
      all the best
      (using MG’s long-in)