Edg-Clif Farms: Chambourcin Specialists

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5 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    Very interesting! It’s neat to read that some Midwestern wineries are focusing on a “signature” variety……I think in the long run, that makes for better quality wines since the winemaker can build on his/her knowledge base, year after year. Chambourcin is a great variety to work with…..very productive, those large clusters make harvesting a lot of fun, and both the rose’ and the red wine from this variety can be excellent. It does “well enough” for us here in north central Ohio(Wooster), but ripens more thoroughly in somewhat warmer locations. Actually, one of Chambourcin’s offsprings(the Regent variety, from Germany) ripens earlier, and makes a similar, very rich red wine.

    • Mark Ganchiff says:

      Hi Patrick,
      Thanks for your informed comment. It would be interesting to know if any other Midwest wineries are really focusing on a particular grape or style of wine.
      (using Mark’s long-in)

      • Patrick says:

        Hi Danny – Well, off the top of my head I would note Wollersheim Winery in Wisconsin – although they make a lot of different wines, they seem to specialize in Foch and Seyval(their Prairie Fume’).

  2. Frank LaFoon says:

    Nice article about my favorite grape. Chambourcin does well here in the Shawnee Hills AVA of southern Illinois. We have been growing it in our vineyard since 1998 and our buyers have done very well in a variety of styles. The 2006 harvest won Best of Show in the Illinois State Fair Competition. We will have some 2014 harvest available if anyone is interested.