Sheep, Chickens and Bats Help Make Great Wine at Jowler Creek

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1 Response

  1. Shawn says:

    I live in St. Louis, love MO wines and I’m a project caver in and around the Ozarks. The title of the article piqued my curiosity with the inclusion of bats in it. The article states you have two bat houses but no word if they’re occupied. We are really concerned about white nose syndrome (please google it if you’re not familiar w/ it), and always want the best for the bats. Please let me know if your bat houses have tenants. We’d love to share your story! I cave extensively with members of the Kansas City Area Grotto (KCAG) caving club and one of our favorite things to do after a hard day of caving is to go to wineries! Caving+bats+wineries=a winning combination (IMO!)
    Shawn Williams
    Joint Venturer for the Cave Research Foundation (CRF)