A Beer A Day Keeps Cellar Palate Away

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  1. Jon says:

    “The lesson from my night of beer sipping is that variety is good. I think you will connect with more customers by offering diversity in your wines. Subtlety and nuance add a real treat to sensory evaluation.”

    That line sums it up for me. I think this question of having each grape express itself clearly in the best way possible is important and actually hard to do sometimes. I’ll admit, for me personally, I think it sometimes has taken 3-4 vintages before I get a wine that is really expressing the potential of some of our grapes. Brianna for example has been alright for me, but in my mind, nothing wow. I have used the same yeast I used on another white that I make that I’m very happy with. For Brianna though, I think it was clearly not the yeast of choice. I changed that up along with a few other things and so far this year, I feel that I’m going with the grain instead of against it. I’ll let you know how it finishes out. If it’s so-so, I guess it’s another year back at the drawing board.