Norton: The Dark Knight Part II

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4 Responses

  1. Edward Lohmann says:

    Excellent reporting about the Norton. You may want to try a Norton wine from the Paradise Springs Winery in Fairfax, Virginia. You will be amazed…..Norton at its best

    cheers my friends Ed

    • Danny Wood says:

      Thanks Edward…I believe you work at Paradise Springs Winery, which is not to say the Norton there isn’t “Norton at its best” !! But to be worthy of your compliment, Midwest Wine Press should politely reveal your association and understandable bias ; ) All the best Danny

  2. Dennis Loving says:

    I gave an elderly friend of mine from Baton Rouge a bottle of 1999 Stone Hill Norton. I asked him to give me honest opinion. If he didn’t care for it, it certainly wouldn’t hurt my feelings. He has about 3000 bottles in his cellar and his wine friends regularly share $1000 bottle French wines with him. He called me after one of their wine tastings and told me that he served the Norton to his friends. He said being an oenophile he was familiar with the the Norton history, but had never actually tried it.
    He served the Norton from a decanter to his wine friends for a true unbiased opinion. He said they all thought the unknown deep red wine was one of the best ever served and everyone was shocked to find that it came from Missouri!

    • Mark Ganchiff says:

      Thanks for sharing your Norton experience. It’s an amazing wine that few people know about. In terms of aging Norton, I have been told that 3-4 years is about as long as you want to go. There are not a lot of tannins in Norton so it’s not going to soften much after extensive cellaring.