October 20, 2017

New Grapes Revolutionize Midwest Wine

“Why didn’t someone take the Cabernet Sauvignon grape and cross it with Norton to create a grapevine that could withstand Midwestern winters yet make a world class wine?”That was the question that puzzled Lucian Dressel from the time he reopened the historic Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta, Missouri, in 1967 until he sold it in 1992.During those 25 years, Dressel experimented with dozens … [Read more...]

TTB Approves Names of Midwest Varietals

Effective November 28, 2011,  the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and  Trade Bureau approved the names of  certain varietals as requested by various breeders, vineyards and wineries in the Midwest.   Under the TTB ruling,  these varietal names can now be used in designating wines so consumers can more readily ask for and read about them by name.  The ruling also allows the use of the new varietal names on … [Read more...]