October 17, 2017

Creative Ways to Use Your Logo

In a recent Northern Grapes Project survey, wine and winery branding was listed as the 1# concern by winery owners.  Communicating to customers what makes a winery distinctive is becoming increasingly difficult as the number of wineries in the U.S. surpasses 8,300.According to Jen Peterson Donaghy, owner of  The Wyne Girl (www.thewynegirl.com), an Ohio based company that creates … [Read more...]

Would You Like A State Funded Wine Organization?

The state funded wine organizations, like those in Missouri, Indiana and Michigan, can be a tremendous boost to their local wine industries because of the marketing help and education they can provide to winemakers. Irv Geary and the MGGA contacted Midwest Wine Press and asked if we could investigate the structure and funding of the wine boards or councils in these three states, to help with the … [Read more...]

The First “Bottle Shock” Was in the Midwest

Many of us are familiar with the prestigious wine judging that took place in Paris in 1976 in honor of the American Bi-Centennial. The event was commemorated, or should we say celebrated by the Americans at least, in the movie “Bottle Shock.”Designed to be a competition between several well-regarded American wines vs. a selection of some of France’s most famed wines it took on … [Read more...]

Wine Writer Likes Indiana Hybrids

Howard Hewitt, an Indiana based wine writer whose "Grape Sense" column appears in 23 newspapers in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan, recently wrote winery reviews of Carpenter Creek and Hopwood Cellars, which are in Central Indiana and north suburban Indianapolis respectively.A running theme in Midwest Wine Press is favorable reviews of hybrid wines from a variety of sources. In his Indiana … [Read more...]

Cold “Wreaking Havoc” on Regional Wine Industry

The O'Keefes of Northern Michigan -Edward and son Eddie- have been farming grapes on the Old Mission Peninsula since 1974.  So when the O'Keefes express concern about the cold damage of the past two years at their Chateau Grand Traverse Winery (see below), it's not Weather Channel style meteorological hype.At daybreak Friday morning, the temperature in Traverse City was -17F.  A few degrees … [Read more...]

New Shipping Bill Proposed in Indiana

Yes, the calendar reads 2015.  And yes, this year in the State of Indiana, economic juggernaut of the Midwest, a winery can only ship wine to a customer if there has been a face to face to transaction.  This is not sarcasm. This is actually true.See this related story, which is on something called the "internet,"  from Purdue Public Radio: Would A Proposed Wine Shipping Bill Help Hoosier … [Read more...]

Celebrating Wine at the 2015 Indiana Hort Congress

The wine industry is alive and growing in Indiana! The Indiana Horticultural Congress, which convened its annual conference on January 20, 2015, proved that to be the case.This year’s Grape track included several educational offerings to help those in the wine growing and wine making business. For example, the track included sessions covering tips for successful operations, cost effective … [Read more...]

Clark Smith Upbeat About Midwest Wine Industry

Clark Smith, winemaker, wine innovator and author, is one of the star speakers at Missouri’s upcoming Midwest Grape & Wine Conference in St. Charles. As editor of Appellation America he also keeps a close eye on emerging grape varieties and has a particular interest in the hybrid grapes grown in the Midwest. The California based Smith comes to this year’s conference excited about the future … [Read more...]

2015 Previews for Midwest Wine Conferences

It's that time of year again, and we're not talking about the Holidays.  Yes, Midwest wine fans, it's time to check your snow tires and find your white rabbit ushanka, cause it's Midwest Wine Conference season.This year, it would be technically possible to attend all the Midwestern wine conferences, although the Michigan and Nebraska events overlap.  Some wine conferences, like the Michigan … [Read more...]

Travel Behaviors of Midwest Wine Tourists

The Northern Grapes Project (NGP) continues to advance our industry’s knowledge of the habits of Midwest wine tourists. The latest issue of Northern Grapes News, features the research of Michigan State University's Dan McCole, Don Holecek and Leanna Popp: Understanding the Travel Behaviors of Wine Tourists in Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula. See related story: First Year Results from Northern … [Read more...]