October 16, 2017

Is Your Winery Website Mobile Friendly?

I am on a mission to encourage wineries to focus on their websites.   Having a mobile friendly website can have a huge impact on the number of visits to your business.    A simple question from a VESTA student in the Winery Marketing class I teach started my most recent quest to help wineries improve their websites.   The student's question,  "How do you know if a website is mobile friendly?"  … [Read more...]

Six Steps to Great Winery Customer Service

One of the student projects I assign for my Viticulture Enology Science Technology Alliance (VESTA) Tasting Room Management class is an evaluation of a winery tasting room.  The number one area my students say needs improvement in wineries is customer service.Wineries are popping up everywhere, and for a customer who has a bad service experience, there is always another new winery to visit.   … [Read more...]

Patty Held: Top Five Ideas from License to Steal Conference

Recently, I  spoke at the License to Steal Conference in Ohio.  I have been attending and presenting at this conference since its inception.  It is one of the best marketing conferences for wineries in the country.  Donnie Winchell, the Executive Director of the Ohio Wine Producers Association, is the brainchild behind the conference and her knack for finding speakers outside the wine industry is … [Read more...]

Top Ten Reasons for Starting a Wine Club

Recently, I spoke on the wine club panel at the Eastern Wine Expo in Pennsylvania.   To prepare for the presentation,  I interviewed a handful of wineries who don’t have wine clubs yet to find out why.   The most common reason winery owners gave for not starting a wine club is that they did not know where to start.   Many winery owners I spoke with also had no idea of the income that a wine club … [Read more...]

Five Steps for a Remarkable Winery Website Design

Consumers today use their computers and mobile devices to research products before they make a decision to buy. To attract these consumers, you need an attractive, user-friendly website to provide a firm foundation for your business. It needs not only to exist; it needs to attract visitors, answer their questions, and entice them to buy. Here are my top 5 suggestions to improve your chances of … [Read more...]

Patty Held: Your Winery Seen Through Customer Eyes

The Viticulture Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA) program, in which I am an instructor,  has a 21st century educational vision for grape growing, winemaking and winery marketing.  In my VESTA “Winery Tasting Room Management” class, students are taught winery tasting room evaluation, also known as a “Mystery Shopping” experience.   The goal of this class project is for students to … [Read more...]

Patty Held: Wine Trail Marketing Ideas

The wine trail concept is exploding!  From California to Maine there are 251 wine trails across the USA with 1878 wineries making up these trails in 43 states.Wine trails are made up of several wineries who work together to promote tourism in their region by offering visitors a taste of the local wine experience.  Each winery has its own distinctive ambiance, spectacular scenery, vineyard … [Read more...]