September 19, 2017

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La Crescent Food Pairing Ideas

Food and Wine. Wine and Food. No wonder it can be challenging when we can’t even decide which one comes first. My wife and I have done literally dozens of wine pairing sessions in different formats around the world. Large and small, at wineries and restaurants (both brick and mortar and pop-ups.) Many were fantastic experiences, but as with any art, questions remain. The main thing I reminded … [Read more...]

NE- La Crescent, Brianna, and Prarie Star grapes for sale 2015 harvest

We will have La Crescent, Brianna, and Prairie Star grapes for sale this year. This this is high quality Nebraska grown fruit available in quantities to fill your tanks. Please contact Hunter at [email protected] or by Phone at 308-539-4830. … [Read more...]

La Crescent: A Winemaker’s Grape

The first time I had a glass of wine made from La Crescent, I was completely blown away. Reminiscent of an aromatic white that might come from Germany or Austria, my mind started spinning with all the potential this grape has for winemakers in Minnesota. The high acidity makes it relatively versatile for various winemaking styles from dry to sweet or even fortified dessert wines, while the … [Read more...]

Indy International Wine Comp Spectacular

“I declare the 25th Olympiad of wine open!” announced Christian Butzke, Purdue University’s professor of enology. It was a timely witticism with the Olympics in Rio getting underway at the same time as the Indy International Wine Competition. Christian was chief wine judge and a magisterial and Monty Pythonesque M.C. at last week’s Indy. As he introduced the competition - in Purdue’s … [Read more...]

Hinterland: A Great Winery Worth the Extra Mile

One of the best Midwest wine experiences is finding a gem of a winery in a rural area.  And being a diamond in the boonies the business model for Hinterland Vineyards and Winery in Clara City, Minnesota, about 110 miles west of the Twin Cities. “You’re coming to the Winery on a gravel road and you step into, ‘Wow, are we in California,’” said Hinterland co-owner Aftan Koenen about the … [Read more...]

Fully Flavored, Low Alcohol Wine in the Midwest?

My sources in Australia (dad and mum!) recently sent over a news article about a low alcohol wines ‘breakthrough’ that could have implications for winemaking in the Midwest. ‘Low-Alcohol Wine On It’s Way’, by Sydney Morning Herald wine writer, Huon Hooke, describes a ‘secret’ that New Zealand winemaker and molecular biologist, John Forrest, has uncovered: “Forrest and his team of winemakers and … [Read more...]

Shelburne Vineyard Vineyard and Winery Assistant position available, Vermont

Shelburne Vineyard in Shelburne, VT is looking for a qualified individual to fulfill the position of Vineyard and Winery Assistant. SV is a well established winery committed to growing and making the highest quality Vermont wine. We are located just a few miles south of Burlington, the region’s vibrant urban community. We work predominantly with cold hardy varieties including Louise Swenson, … [Read more...]

Clark Smith Upbeat About Midwest Wine Industry

Clark Smith, winemaker, wine innovator and author, is one of the star speakers at Missouri’s upcoming Midwest Grape & Wine Conference in St. Charles. As editor of Appellation America he also keeps a close eye on emerging grape varieties and has a particular interest in the hybrid grapes grown in the Midwest. The California based Smith comes to this year’s conference excited about the future … [Read more...]

Frontenac Blanc’s Promising Future

Frontenac blanc, a mutation of Frontenac gris, is the latest member of the Frontenac grape family. Viticulture experts say the variety was first observed in Quebec during 2005 and that the mutation was probably taking place at several Canadian and Minnesota vineyards at roughly the same time. The parent grape, Frontenac, was introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1996. This dark … [Read more...]

Midwest Wineries Double Medal Count at Finger Lakes Competition

Midwest wineries have won a considerable number of top medals at this year’s 2014 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, the second largest wine competition in the country. Compared to last year, our region more than doubled its tally of Double Gold and Gold medals. See related stories: Finger Lakes International Wine Competition Midwest Winners and: Midwest Wineries at Finger Lakes 18 … [Read more...]