Tony Ciccone “Winemaking is in My DNA”

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3 Responses

  1. Sheila says:

    I’m a great fan of Michigan’s upper beauty up north of Detroit. I’m also a friend of your niece Leslie. Know her from army days if you can believe it. We visit your winery each time were up there and we LOVE it…Grazie Signore Ciccoce ! Salute !

  2. charles says:

    So not one mention of his famous daughter? Given they have issued wine with Madonna’s likeness before, they certainly aren’t shy about profiting from it.

    Been to winery several years ago while on vacation. Saw him on the tractor just as happy as can be. Beautiful property. Look forward to going back one day.

  3. Thank you Chick my ppl died & took the abruzze recipe for dego red w them! Now i can use my pop pops wine press! Just how many barrels does 20 cases make? Bravo amore i m so proud of you pop& paula