Midwest Prepares for Reduced Grape Harvest

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  1. David Fox says:

    We grow Chambourcin at 800′ elevation in loess soil 250′ above the Missouri River in Boone County, Missouri, Zone 6a. Had several nights at -10, a few as low as -17, but no damage. Came from U.C. after graduation to Missouri to see if fine wines could be produced here. Would not grow V. vinifera on our estate. Pinot comes from Burgundy, Barbera from Piamonte, and Sangiovese from Tuscany. That is where they belong, not in the Midwest. Neither should West Coast grapes or juice be trucked here. Find a good site, plant the right hybrid, and show that it can be done. Cheers

  1. October 8, 2014

    […] In a very good August 30th post in Midwest Wine Press, Danny Wood wrote that in northern Wisconsin, some growers are down to between 10 and 20% of last year’s crop. In that area some of the grape varieties hardest hit include Leon Millot grapes, which are down 70% from last year’s harvest, and LaCrosse and St Pepin grapes each at a 30 to 40% loss. You can read more from Wood’s post at http://midwestwinepress.com/2014/08/30/midwest-prepares-much-reduced-grape-harvest/ […]

  2. October 18, 2014

    […] home, I was shocked to see and hear about the low yield of our fruits this year. But it turns out, this was a regional problem. And it’s also a historical wine for winemakers the world over! I asked my father to explain […]