Solving the Distribution Dilemma at Smaller Wineries

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3 Responses

  1. Greg Fischer says:

    We self-distribute and like the relationship we build with our retailers. We are looking for a distributor so we can grow bigger , but unsure where to go. The big guys are in all the accounts, the small guys may give us more attention. The advice I have gotten so far is that distributors will only deliver your product sometimes and not give it much attention. In addition the advice has been the only way to get your wine into the market is get out and sell it yourself and possibly get a distributor to deliver it.

  2. David Arnold says:

    We are a small winery in the NW corner of New Mexico,very remote from the populated areas of the state. Santa Fe is 185 miles, Albuquerque is 3 hrs. , Las Cruces is 6 hrs..We self distribute because we don’t think anyone is as interested is promoting our wines as we are.
    We do tastings as often as possible in stores all over the state and when we do them the sales are great. No, it is not always convenient but we are well received .There are about 50 stores that sell our wines and new stores contact us now.

  1. January 31, 2014

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