We Need Something Harder Than Wood Trellis Posts

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2 Responses

  1. Mark Ganchiff says:


    Thanks for the detailed and helpful comment. It does seem easier to pay $10 for a wood post than make your own concrete post. I have seen metal posts in Midwest vineyards- mainly as endposts. Hauling concrete to some vineyard locations might be difficult.

    Mark G.

  2. Ken Carhart says:

    ROTBLOC was just introduced to the public this year to prevent premature ground-line rot of your wood trellis posts. The City of Seattle uses it and many orchards and hop farms are utilizing ROTBLOC.
    ROTBLOC is a non-toxic, barrier wrap that can be custom cut to any diameter round or square post and installed on site in 60 sec. or less. It is made from 100% recycled material, 100% in the USA and is fully recyclable at the end of it’s use. We are reaching out to all vineyard, orchard and farming associations to let people know we are offering a sustainable solution to maximize the service life of your trellis systems. Thank you, Ken Carhart /Owner/ROTBLOC LLC