October 16, 2017

Wollersheim Wine Cave Unveiled After 150 Years

Around 1850, Hungarian Count Agoston Haraszthy dug a wine cave at the current site of Wollersheim Winery.   Haraszthy left soon thereafter to be the first commercial grape grower in Sonoma County, California.  On June 21st, the Count's old wine cave in Sauk City, Wisconsin was unveiled to the public after being sealed for more than 150 years."It was really exciting to excavate and renovate the … [Read more...]

Downstream from St. Paul Is the St. Pepin Grape

The St.Pepin wine grape is partially named for the Lake Pepin, a 40 square mile lake in the Mississippi River.  Most of the St. Pepin wine made in the U.S. is produced in the two states on either side of Lake Pepin, Minnesota and Wisconsin.Like many creations of legendary grape breeder Elmer Swenson, St. Pepin is a wonderful contribution to cold-climate grape varieties. Whether it is used as a … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Grape Growers Association Award Winners

On January 20th at the Wilderness Resort, the Wisconsin Grape Growers Association (WGGA) announced the 2012 Award Winners for the Wisconsin grape and wine industry.  The announcements were made during the Wisconsin Food & Wine Pairing Dinner which was the kick off  event for the 2013 Wisconsin Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Conference.The dinner was at full capacity with 130 attendees who … [Read more...]

Wollersheim Harvests As Harazthy Turns 200

Wisconsin wine pioneer Agoston Haraszthy is having a 200th birthday celebration in Sonoma, California this week.  Count Haraszthy, as he is sometimes called,  came to Wisconsin in the 1840's from Hungary to plant grapes at the current location of Wollersheim Winery is Prairie Du Sac.  Some of Haraszthy's original structures still stand at Wollersheim.   Haraszthy later moved to California where he … [Read more...]

River City Vignoles Wins 2012 Indy Int’l Wine Competition

The first non vinifera wine won Wine of the Year at  the 2012 Indy International Wine Competition.  River City Winery of New Albany,  Indiana took the top prize for its 2011 Vignoles at the largest independent and scientifically organized wine competition in America.  "This award is huge for the Midwest wine industry," said Gary Humphrey owner and winemaker at River City Winery.   "The award also … [Read more...]

Philippe Coquard’s Vineyard Reflections on a Difficult Spring

On May 4th,   Philippe Coquard of Wollersheim Winery in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin commented on his spring 2012 vineyard experiences in the Wisconsin Grape Growers Association internet discussion forum.  Coquard has one of the largest vineyards in Wisconsin at 27 acres and operates Wollersheim, the state's largest winery,  with his wife, Julie.Philippe allowed Midwest Wine Press to print … [Read more...]

Wollersheim: San Diego Winery of the Year

Up against 1,700 wineries from across the globe at the San Diego International Wine Competition last week,  Wollersheim Winery of Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin received a record six awards.   Co-owner Julie Coquard told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Wineries are growing in all of the states, but there's a lot of emphasis on products made in our backyard.  It's very neat to get the recognition from … [Read more...]

Wollersheim Celebrates 40th Anniversary

It’s 1972. An electrical engineer moves his family to an abandoned Wisconsin farm, planning to produce estate wines in the property’s Civil War-era winery, despite being told repeatedly that grapes won’t grow there.While this storyline sounds more like a TV pilot than the founding of a large regional winery, this is how Bob and JoAnn Wollersheim started their business near Prairie du Sac, … [Read more...]