September 20, 2017

Round Lake Vineyards and The Giant Canada Goose

 One of Minnesota's largest grape growers, Round Lake Vineyards, is about to open an ambitious new winery operation producing a full roster of estate grown wines.  Round Lake's "Grand Opening" weekend starts on June 5th and runs from Friday to Sunday.While the winery is new, the berries that begot the winery have been in the ground for as long as six years.  Round Lake co-owners, husband … [Read more...]

New Wine Grape Coming From Univ Of Minnesota

The acclaimed University of Minnesota cold hardy grape breeding program will soon be announcing a new white wine grape, according to Peter Hemstad, at the University's Horticultural Research Center near Minneapolis.  This new grape, which is currently known only by a number, is the first Minnesota grape released since Marquette in 2006."We’re very excited about this new grape," Hemstad … [Read more...]

Cold Climate Wine Competition 2014 Report and Photos

After much swishing and spitting, winners have been confirmed at the 2014 International Cold Climate Wine Competition, held at the University of Minnesota's Continuing Education Conference Center in St. Paul, MN.The Cold Climate Competition is unique because it focuses on 31 cold hardy wine grapes including cultivars developed by the University of Minnesota, the late Elmer Swenson and other … [Read more...]

Explosive Fivefold Winery Growth Attributed to Cold Hardy Grapes

80% of the wineries in the Northern and Upper Midwestern USA registered and opened for business since the year 2000, new data shows. A team of researchers, led by Professor Bill Gartner from the University of Minnesota’s Department of Applied Economics, surveyed hundreds of wineries as part of an ongoing study by a consortium of universities for the Northern Grapes Project (NGP). The huge fivefold … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Wine Conference Conquers the Wilderness

The Wisconsin Fruit and Vegetable Conference was held this week at the Wilderness Waterpark Resort Resort- the country's largest waterpark-  in subzero temperatures. Despite the arctic weather, the atmosphere was like the Fourth of July. With the Wisconsin wine industry expanding rapidly, spirits are understandably high among Wisconsin winemakers and grape growers.According to Anna Maenner of … [Read more...]

Northern Minnesota Vineyard Trial Results

Data from the first phase of a major Minnesota vineyard trial has been tabulated, according to Dennis Emslie Drummond, VESTA Coordinator at Central Lakes College in Staples, Minnesota, about 130 miles northeast of the Twin Cities.Drummond planted an experimental vineyard at Central Lakes during 2011 as part of a $203,000, four-year grant from the National Science Foundation. The project … [Read more...]

John Marshall: My Favorite Red Wine Grapes

This article is a companion to an earlier piece describing cold hardy white grapes that seem to have found their niche in a crisp, flowery and fruity style.Cold hardy reds, on the other hand, do not seem to have found their place or their style and as yet.  They do not seem to get the respect their white counterparts are beginning to enjoy.Even so, these reds make palatable and interesting … [Read more...]

Marquette Wine Has Pinot In Its Blood

For the most part, the wines that you drink today are made from the same grapes as the wines your grandparents and great-grandparents drank. The great wine grapes of the world have been around for several hundred years, and some of them for much longer than that.For example, the Georgian grape Rkatsiteli is thought by some authorities to date back to 3000 BC, while the Greek grape Limnio was … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Grape and Wine Industry Survey Released

The 2011 Grape and Wine Industry Survey was released recently by the United States Department of Agriculture Statistics Service. The Wisconsin Grape Growers and the Wisconsin Winery Associations also helped with the survey which was mailed during June of 2012. (Midwest Wine Press does not know why the survey is called the "2011 Survey." The information was compiled in 2012 and released in … [Read more...]

’12 Vintage Report and ’13 Midwest Growing Season Outlook

This is the first installment of a state-by-state report on the 2012 vintage in the Midwest along with assessments of the 2013 growing season.   This article features Missouri, Nebraska, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois.  In coming weeks,  look for reports from other areas that Midwest Wine Press covers.Missouri, Chuck Dressel, President, Mount Pleasant WineryTo say that Chuck Dressel … [Read more...]