September 19, 2017

Black Star Farms Boldly Goes Where No Pinot Has Gone Before

Wine: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Michigan wine industry. To explore strange new worlds for grapes, to seek out new terrain for viticulture and boldly go where no grape grower has gone before.The Michigan wine industry has progressed light years since the '70s when 90% of Michigan's production was sweet labrusca wines. And it was less than 40 years ago when the Buzz Aldrin … [Read more...]

Offbeat European Grapes Growing Across the Midwest

Increasingly, Midwestern winemakers are defying convention by growing popular vinifera grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc. But in recent years, a number of vineyards have planted lesser known European grapes considered offbeat for the Midwest, like Gruner Veltliner and Teroldego.An example of an adventurous viticulturalist is Nick Ferrante, owner of Ferrante Winery in … [Read more...]

Northern Michigan Hard Cider Production Expands

Nestled along a scenic country road in Michigan's "little pinkie" is a simple barnlike building with a tandem bike displayed over the doorway. Inside, there is a surprise waiting for visitors to Leelanau Peninsula wine country: a tasting room featuring something different -- Michigan hard cider.Tandem Ciders founders Dan Young and Nikki Rothwell, a married couple, began selling cider in … [Read more...]

Midwest Wineries Winners at Finger Lakes

Midwest Wineries were well represented in the winner's circle at the recent 2012 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition:Best of CompetitionBest Riesling- Chateau Fontaine, Lake Leelanau, MI, Don and Lucie Matthies,  ownersBest Ice Wine- Black Star Farms, Suttons Bay,  MI,  Lee Lutes,  head wine maker.Double Gold MedalsCherry, Ackerman Winery,  Amana, IA,  Linda and Les … [Read more...]