September 19, 2017

Cedar Ridge Clear Label Wins Awards

 Cedar Ridge Vineyards, a family-owned winery and distillery located between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa, is no stranger to the lime light. Cedar Ridge received 20 awards for their wines in 2012 and more than 12 wine label design awards since 2008 at the Mid-American Wine Competition. In particular, their estate-grown Marechal Foch wine won two Silver medals for both wine label typography … [Read more...]

Iowa Wine Production Flattens in 2012

Wine production in Iowa has leveled off according to a report by Iowa State University (ISU).  After growing rapidly since 2000, the amount of native wine sold in Iowa declined slightly from the previous year according to the report.  During 2012, total sales of Iowa wine were just over 264,000 gallons compared with 265,000 gallons during 2011.Craig Tordsen, the author of the report,  said … [Read more...]

Iowa Wine: On The Farm and Now In The City

Like many Midwestern states, Iowa has recently experienced a dramatic increase in the number of wineries from 53 in 2006 to 76 today. Not only has the number of wineries increased, but the types of wineries have become more diverse. Iowa has also become a leader in making wine from University of Minnesota cold climate grapes. In this article, we look at three wineries that represent the different … [Read more...]