September 19, 2017

New Wine Grape Coming From Univ Of Minnesota

The acclaimed University of Minnesota cold hardy grape breeding program will soon be announcing a new white wine grape, according to Peter Hemstad, at the University's Horticultural Research Center near Minneapolis.  This new grape, which is currently known only by a number, is the first Minnesota grape released since Marquette in 2006."We’re very excited about this new grape," Hemstad … [Read more...]

Frontenac Outgrows Wild Youth

The Frontenac wine grape started with a graduate student on a canoe trip.   While paddling through the suburbs of Minneapolis during 1976, a University of Minnesota graduate student named Patrick Pierquet found the wild parent of Frontenac growing along the Minnesota River.  (Pierquet is now the enology wine lab manager at Ohio State University in Wooster.) Back at the … [Read more...]

I80 Wine Tour Through Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska

This article is the second installment of a two-part article about wine tourism along Interstate 80 in the Midwest.  In the first article, we visited Ohio and Indiana.  Now join us on a winery trip along I80 through Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska.IllinoisTraveling west from Indiana,  I80 runs for 175 miles across Northern Illinois, crossing the Mississippi River in Rock Island, Illinois. … [Read more...]

Northern Minnesota Vineyard Trial Results

Data from the first phase of a major Minnesota vineyard trial has been tabulated, according to Dennis Emslie Drummond, VESTA Coordinator at Central Lakes College in Staples, Minnesota, about 130 miles northeast of the Twin Cities.Drummond planted an experimental vineyard at Central Lakes during 2011 as part of a $203,000, four-year grant from the National Science Foundation. The project … [Read more...]

Northern Grapes Project Pays Dividends in Year One

The Northern Grapes Project (NGP) has released its one year progress report.  NGP involves institutions in 12 states and 19 regional wine and grape organizations, many in the Midwest. "It is the first project of its kind to focus on cold climate cultivars" said Project Director, Tim Martinson, from Cornell University's Department of Horticulture."We’ve designed this as a five-year project and … [Read more...]

Wisconsin Expert Addresses State of the Grapes

As a result of the number of wineries in Wisconsin almost doubling in just the past several years, there has been an increased demand for wine grapes.  Currently, all of the approximately 1,000 acres of cold hardy grapes being grown in Wisconsin are sold to winemakers.At a recent meeting of the Wisconsin Vintner's Association in Milwaukee, Dr. Dean Volenberg of the University of … [Read more...]

The True Value of Cold Hardy Hybrids

When the early members of the Minnesota Grape Growers Association (MGGA) first experimented with wine grapes in the early 1970’s, all the vines were cold tender or marginal at best.  Foch stood out as the hardiest of the French Hybrids, but we soon learned that it was devastated at –25 F.  The other available hybrids were also clearly cold tender and burying vines in winter was virtually universal … [Read more...]