September 18, 2017

Fenn Valley Reports “Great Year for Reds”

In his always informative newsletter articles (yes, Fenn Valley still sends a paper newsletter), Doug Welsch of Fenn Valley Vineyards in Michigan, reports modest crop losses this year.  He is also very optimistic about the quality of the 2012 red wine harvest.   His article also contains graphic photos showing the difference between how young and old vines handled the heat of '12.  See Fenn … [Read more...]

Entertained and Educated at Fenn Valley Wine Fest

The 2012 Fenn Valley Wine Fest and Open House on June 23rd featured not only wine and entertainment but also some serious education for the inquisitive wine consumer.Throughout the day,  a wine tasting demonstration by winemaker and winery president Doug Welsch showed how the same vintage of Riesling could be made into multiple styles of wine.  The group tasting exercise also helped guests to … [Read more...]

Grape Freeze Damage Extensive in Ohio, New York, Michigan

Record March warmth and severe April frosts have combined to destroy most of the Concord and Niagara grape crop in states bordering the Great Lakes from Michigan to Upstate New York.   Some labrusca growers in Southwest Michigan and Northern Ohio say the repeated  freezes have completely wiped out their grapes. Dr. Tom Zabadal, who coordinates Michigan State University’s viticulture research, … [Read more...]

Millennials Favoring Midwest Regional Wines

The Millennial Generation – those roughly between the ages of 21 and 35 – has a strong interest in developing community ties. Supporting businesses near their homes makes them natural customers of local wines.“You want to support your state’s economy, especially when your state’s economy is not doing that well,” explains Cynthia Drake, 32, of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. That's why she chooses … [Read more...]