October 16, 2017

Three of Top 10 Urban Wineries in Midwest

According to a ranking published today in Yahoo Travel, three of the top 10 urban wineries are in the Midwest.  Congratulations to City Winery Chicago, Easley Winery (Indianapolis) and Left Foot Charley (Traverse City) for making the list.   All three wineries have been profiled in Midwest Wine Press over the past two years.See: Urban wineries bring taste of the vineyard into the … [Read more...]

Majority of City Winery’s First Vintage Goes In Kegs

 On March 23, City Winery Chicago bottled its first vintage. Of the 300 gallons of Oregon Pinot Noir and 300 gallons of California Sauvignon Blanc that were made,  70% will go into kegs for consumption at City Winery, according to winemaker Rober Kowal.Kegged wine has many benefits, according to Kowal.  To start with, kegs reduce "bottle shock" and disjointed flavors.  Since the wine … [Read more...]

City Winery Chicago Opening Photos

On August 14th, 2012, City Winery founder Michael Dorf, along with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Walter Burnett Jr., welcomed 1,000 guests into the winery for the first time.  The night began with Moet and Chandon champagne, and continued on with several types of pours from New York's City Winery, passed hors d'oeuvres by chef John Fuente, and music played from City Winery's new 300-seat … [Read more...]

City Winery Set to Be Downtown Chicago’s First Winery

The 28,000 square foot City Winery currently under construction in Chicago's West Loop will feature 2013 vintage Midwest regional wines according to Beverage Director, Rachel Driver Speckan, formerly General Manager at Lush Wine and Spirits where she was a proponent of regional wine.Driver Speckan said City Winery will explore Michigan and Illinois wines first.  Preliminary conversations are … [Read more...]