September 19, 2017

Downstream from St. Paul Is the St. Pepin Grape

The St.Pepin wine grape is partially named for the Lake Pepin, a 40 square mile lake in the Mississippi River.  Most of the St. Pepin wine made in the U.S. is produced in the two states on either side of Lake Pepin, Minnesota and Wisconsin.Like many creations of legendary grape breeder Elmer Swenson, St. Pepin is a wonderful contribution to cold-climate grape varieties. Whether it is used as a … [Read more...]

River City Vignoles Wins 2012 Indy Int’l Wine Competition

The first non vinifera wine won Wine of the Year at  the 2012 Indy International Wine Competition.  River City Winery of New Albany,  Indiana took the top prize for its 2011 Vignoles at the largest independent and scientifically organized wine competition in America.  "This award is huge for the Midwest wine industry," said Gary Humphrey owner and winemaker at River City Winery.   "The award also … [Read more...]

Cannon River Shoots for the Stars in Minnesota

Walking into Vincent Negret's back office at Cannon River Winery in Minnesota is like entering the laboratory of a mad scientist.  Sticky notes and articles cover the walls - "I'm visual," he says - and the black countertop, reminiscent of a high-school science class, is covered with test tubes and pipettes full of chemicals. The wine glasses containing samples for analysis can appear … [Read more...]