October 20, 2017

Midwest Winery Rankings by State

Midwest Wine Press recently compiled current TTB data to arrive at the number of wineries in the Midwest.  (This tabulation method entails acceptance of the TTB definition of a winery which is subject to debate.)
The number of wineries in the Midwest as defined by the 11 states in the Midwest Wine Press market area is now 1,132.  There are now also 43 organized wine trails in the Midwest.  Such growth makes the Midwest wine industry an exceptional success story and a testimony to the hard work of regional grape growers, wine makers,  university researchers, state wine associations, marketers and wine trail professionals.   Of course,  the Midwest Wine Industry was made possible by the progressively tasteful Midwest wine consumer who is also growing in number.
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1.  Michigan Wineries : 200
Wine Trails in Michigan:
Southeast Michigan Pioneer Wine Trail (8 wineries)
Growth stats:  Eleven new wineries opened in Michigan during 2011 and four more are set to open in 2012.  The number of wineries using Michigan fruit has jumped from 18 to 89 in the past two decades  (Sources: Associated Press,  Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council.)
2. Ohio Wineries: 185
Wine Trails in Ohio:
Canal Country Wine Trail (22 wineries)
-Capital City Wine Trail (11 wineries)
Growth Stats:  Number of wineries has doubled in the past 15 years.  The Ohio wine industry now sustains more than 4,000 jobs and creates $580 million in economic activity.  (Source:  Ohio House of Representatives Press Release, April, 2012)
3.  Missouri Wineries: 157
Wine Trails in Missouri:
Hermann Wine Trail (7 wineries, also do 5 themed trails per year)
Growth stats: The number of wineries has grown a whopping 62% since 2009.  Applying the same growth factor to winery revenue,  Missouri’s total state wine sales are approaching $70 million a year.
4.  Illinois Wineries: 126
Wine trails in Illinois:
-Northern Illinois Wine Trail (18 wineries)
Shawnee Hills Wine Trail (12 wineries)
Wabash Valley Wine Trail (5 wineries)
Growth stats:  Since 2009, the number if wineries in Illinois has increased almost 50%.  There are now also 460 grape growers in Illinois.  (source: Illinois Grape Growers and Vintners Association.)
5.  Iowa Wineries: 102
Wine Trails in Iowa:
I80 Wine Trail (7 wineries)
Growth stat: Twenty wine wineries have opened in Iowa since June, 2010 (source: Iowa State University)
6.  Wisconsin wineries : 88
Wine Trails in Wisconsin:
Great River Road Wine Trail (9 wineries, including 3 in MN and 1 in IA)
Growth stat:  Eleven new wineries opened in Wisconsin during 2011. (source: Wisconsin Grape Growers Association)
7.  Kentucky Wineries: 79
Wine Trails in Kentucky:
Back Roads Wine Trail (5 wineries)
Growth stat:  In a five-year period, the number of wineries in Kentucky increased from 15 to 50 and is still growing. (Source: About Kentucky Wine.com)
8.  Indiana Wineries: 73
Wine Trails in Indiana:
Indy Wine Trail (7 wineries)
The Indiana Wine Trail (6 wineries)
Growth stat:  In 1989, there were nine wineries in Indiana.  (source: Purdue University)
9.  Minnesota Wineries: 58
Wine Trails in Minnesota:
Growth stat:  There were only two commercial wineries in Minnesota in 1990 (source: Twincities.com)
10.  Nebraska Wineries: 33
Wine Trails in Nebraska:
Wines West Wine Trail (5 wineries)
Growth stat:  Cuthills Vineyard opened in 1994 to revive the Nebraska wine making tradition which had been dormant since Prohibition.
11. Kansas Wineries: 31
Wine Trails in Kansas:
Somerset Wine Trail (3 wineries)
Growth stat:  Nine wineries have opened in Kansas since 2010.  (source: Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition.)
Research for this story by Nisha Aher 

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