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The Wine World Discovers Northern Michigan

For 200 years, grapegrowers have been experimenting with European wine varietals in the Midwestern United States.  While growing old world grapes in the Midwest will never be easy, some regions are quietly gaining an...


Midwest Wine Press Michigan Wine Wire

Welcome to the Michigan Wine Wire, a new feature that will appear from time-to-time in Midwest Wine Press, reporting on news of interest in the Michigan wine business. Forty-Five North Welcomes Briggs, Grossnickle In...

“Verterra” Winery Opens in Leland, Michigan 2

“Verterra” Winery Opens in Leland, Michigan

As reported in “Northwest Michigan’s Second Wave,”  Verterra Winery opened on the Leelanau Peninsula during Fall 2011.  Partners in the winery are retired pharmaceutical exec Paul Hamelin and Skip Telgard, owner of the Bluebird...