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USDA Moves to Approve 2,4-D Ready Crops 0

USDA Moves to Approve 2,4-D Ready Crops

The USDA released the final environmental impact statement for 2,4-D ready GMO crops during January and approval during February seems likely, according to Judith McGeary, executive director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance....

Wisconsin Herbicide Damage Report 1

Wisconsin Herbicide Damage Report

WisconsinWatch.org ran an excellent story this week about herbicide drift damage to grape growers in Wisconsin.  This is a topic Midwest Wine Press has been following closely.  Soon we hope to have a counterpoint...

Identifying Herbicide Drift Damage 0

Identifying Herbicide Drift Damage

Last week I had the opportunity to travel around the southwestern part of Ohio and west central Ohio with my partner in crime Dr. Gary Gao. We visited several vineyards and witnessed herbicide injury in all...