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Potassium Bicarbonate and Cold Hardy Hybrids

This article is sponsored by Scott Laboratories. For more information on their tartrate stability product offerings, please contact Scott Labs at 800-821-7254 or send an email to info@scottlab.com. What a difference a year makes. A...

Northern Grapes Project Pays Dividends in Year One 0

Northern Grapes Project Pays Dividends in Year One

The Northern Grapes Project (NGP) has released its one year progress report.  NGP involves institutions in 12 states and 19 regional wine and grape organizations, many in the Midwest. “It is the first project of...


Conquering Acidity in American Wines

In this edition of  Midwest Wine Press, wine production consultant Clark Smith presents a comprehensive overview of acid adjustment geared to Midwest winemakers. He first reviews the basic chemistry of wine acidity with humor...