Author: Cynthia Rosi


Northeast Ohio’s First Wineries Still Going Strong

Driving through field after field of ripening grape vines in the Grand River Valley of Northeastern Ohio, it’s clear local growers are serious about growing grapes and creating world-class wines. Two families — the...

Grand River Wineries Launch Cask Project 0

Grand River Wineries Launch Cask Project

Estate wineries in Ohio’s Grand River Valley find themselves in a celebration year, with 2012’s hot, dry summer set to produce the best vintage ever for that region. So it’s appropriate that September 15,...


Weddings and Winemaking: Via Vechhia Winery

Via Vecchia Winery in Columbus, Ohio has learned to strike a balance between maintaining an emphasis on winemaking and hosting events,  according to owner-partner, Paolo Rosi.  This urban winery is located in a historic...