September 19, 2017

Oliver Winery’s Journey to Become Midwest’s Largest Winery

During the early '80s, Oliver Winery resembled a rustic farmstand by the side of Highway 37 in Bloomington, Indiana. Today, Oliver is the largest winery in the Midwest with production estimated to be over one million gallons a year. During February, Bill Oliver spoke at the Michigan Grape and Wine Conference about how he grew his father's winery and what he sees for the future.It all started … [Read more...]

Four Indiana Wineries Expanding

From Inside Indiana Business, Country Heritage Vineyard and Winery in La Otta is planning a $850,000 renovation and capital improvement project.  See the Indiana Wine Grape Council, Indiana's 64th winery has opened for business. Hopwood Cellars is located in Zionsville, just northwest of Indianapolis. They are open 7 days a week … [Read more...]

Grape Harvesting in Indiana Today

Kyle Clayton of Indiana Public Media has filed a report about today's grape harvest at Creekbend Vineyard in Indiana. There are some nice pictures of the grapes! Read more at: … [Read more...]

Oliver’s Vineyard Report by Hoosier Wine Cellars

Hoosier Wine Cellars filed a report from the vineyard of Oliver Winery in Bloomington this week.  Oliver is the largest and oldest winery in Indiana and probably the largest winery east of the Mississippi with annual production estimated at over 850,000 gallons per year.   Oliver's fifty-four acre Creekbend Vineyard near Bloomington primarily provides grapes for the winery's Creekbend estate grown … [Read more...]

Are Kids Taking Over the Region’s Wineries?

It may not be a corked bottle or a spider seeking refuge in the tasting room that sends visitors running from the region's wineries– it might be unruly kids.Bill Skvarla, owner of Harmony Hill Vineyards & Winery in Bethel, Ohio, caused a little rough and tumble when he implemented a no-children policy at his tasting room this season. Once news of this rule broke in Mark Fisher’s “Uncorked” … [Read more...]

Reds a “Natural” at Indiana’s Oliver Winery

"Reds grow here!"  exclaims Bernie Parker, Vineyard Manager at Creekbend Vineyards, the agricultural division of Oliver Winery of Bloomington, Indiana.  And that’s not just his opinion; it’s his track record.  From the grapes grown at Creekbend, Oliver Winery produces a full line of both hybrid and viniferia estate wines, including their award-winning reds.From estate grown Chambourcin, Oliver … [Read more...]