October 20, 2017

Grapes of the Hudson Valley Has Midwest Appeal

Grapes of the Hudson Valley by Stephen Casscles is a new reference guide that Midwestern grape growers and wine enthusiasts will find compelling.  The Hudson Valley runs north and south down the eastern edge of New York.  This scenic region has a climate similar to much of the Midwest. (USDA grow zone 5 with winter temps as low as -15F.)Within 250 pages, this reference book covers more than … [Read more...]

Let’s Be Honest About Labrusca Wines

Vitis labrusca wines are big sellers for many wine regions in the United States. The snobbery against any wine producing region, variety or style of wine, including native American wines, can be annoying, especially in the retailing of these products.I’m not sure why the industry and distribution business won’t let consumers drink what they want.  Hey, Lambrusco sells in Italy, which is … [Read more...]