October 20, 2017

Winegrowing in Kansas: Vineyard Help Needed!

This is the first blog from our new columnist Cindy Reynolds. With husband Dennis, Cindy is co-owner of  Somerset Ridge Vineyard & Winery in Kansas.The view of our 20 acres of wine grapes is lush, green and beautiful after a spring of abundant rain and sunshine. Every grapegrower we know is thanking the wine gods because of our recent experiences with less than ideal weather. But this … [Read more...]

Kansas Wine Conference: Photos & Story Preview

On Friday and Saturday, Midwest Wine Press attended the 27th Annual Kansas Grape Growers and Winemakers Association (KGGWA) Conference in Topeka, Kansas.Among the speakers were a number of Midwestern viticulture heavy-weights. We got along to these talks:Lucian Dressel, who in 1966 reopened Missouri's Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta and now breeds and patents new grape varieties at Davis … [Read more...]

New Kansas Law Provides Bottle Sales at Events

Kansas wineries are very excited at the new regulatory developments in our state. A law was recently passed to allow farm wineries to sell by the bottle at events across the state. Samples must still be free, but this new law will allow farm wineries to have more sales outside their winery than in the past.Many communities are seeing bottle sales at events as a way to raise money.  These … [Read more...]

The Future of Kansas Wine

Coming up in Midwest Wine Press, as Kansas tries to revitalize its wine industry, we profile one of the state’s newer winemakers: Middle Creek Winery in Louisburg, owned by Stephen and Kristin Graue.This year, legislators in Kansas have continued to relax their wine industry regulations. Wineries could already self-distribute but now they can sell wine by the glass. Another modification – … [Read more...]

Kansas In-State Grape Requirement Reduced

LJ World reports that a bill passed in Kansas during May contained a provision reducing the amount of Kansas grown grapes that wineries based there must use in their wine from 60% to 30%.  See:  http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2012/sep/18/new-law-changes-requirements-kansas-wine/ … [Read more...]