October 20, 2017

Midwest Winemakers Expect Early Harvest, Lower Yields

Winemakers across the Midwest are now preparing to harvest their grapes. For many growers, the warm winter, the spring freeze and now the ongoing drought have combined to push harvest dates forward by two to three weeks. The harvest for some varieties could start within the next fortnight. Yields at many vineyards are expected to be down significantly from last year, but some winemakers say the … [Read more...]

Drought Tipping Point: Vines Risk Long Term Damage

As the drought continues to worsen and temperatures across the Midwest exceed 100 degrees, viticulture experts warn that grape growers could face long-term vine damage. If there is no significant rain in the coming days, viticulturalists say crop load, or the number of grape clusters on the vine, should be reduced to ensure plants can survive winter and grow next season.“The stress has reached … [Read more...]

Midwest Wine Grape Crop Report Update

In this first installment of a series of articles examining the effect of the drought on vines in the Midwest, Danny Wood takes a look at the impact on grapes compared to other crops and the factors that will influence grape yields and quality at the upcoming grape harvest.Hundreds of wineries across the Midwest are struggling to cope with heat stressed vines. On Monday, the National Oceanic … [Read more...]