September 19, 2017

Climate Change Could Benefit Northern Wines

Research by Paul Huttner, chief meteorologist for Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), suggests Midwest wine growers may benefit from climate change. Huttner said his work looking at how climate change is impacting viticulture in northern regions of the USA reveals that warming is very likely a good thing, in the long run, for colder climate wines. However, he warns, extreme temperature swings in fall, … [Read more...]

US Versus Europe Taste Off at VitiNord ’15

The 2015 VitiNord International Viticulture & Enology Conference is taking place from 11-14 November in Nebraska City. This year, the leading event focusing on the latest advances in cold hardy grape growing and winemaking around the world, will include a unique ‘taste off’ between cold hardy hybrids and European hybrids.Organizer and grape breeder, Tom Plocher, says attendees will be able … [Read more...]

2015 Previews for Midwest Wine Conferences

It's that time of year again, and we're not talking about the Holidays.  Yes, Midwest wine fans, it's time to check your snow tires and find your white rabbit ushanka, cause it's Midwest Wine Conference season.This year, it would be technically possible to attend all the Midwestern wine conferences, although the Michigan and Nebraska events overlap.  Some wine conferences, like the Michigan … [Read more...]