October 16, 2017

Six Ways to Reach and Retain Customers

How do you attract customers and keep them coming back? In this mobile, socially connected world, wineries need to be at the top of their marketing game because making great wines isn’t enough. Successful tasting rooms must find new customers, retain current customers and engage with them to keep them coming back.Follow these 6 steps to get your winery on the right marketing track.1. … [Read more...]

Is Your Winery Website Mobile Friendly?

I am on a mission to encourage wineries to focus on their websites.   Having a mobile friendly website can have a huge impact on the number of visits to your business.    A simple question from a VESTA student in the Winery Marketing class I teach started my most recent quest to help wineries improve their websites.   The student's question,  "How do you know if a website is mobile friendly?"  … [Read more...]

Five Steps for a Remarkable Winery Website Design

Consumers today use their computers and mobile devices to research products before they make a decision to buy. To attract these consumers, you need an attractive, user-friendly website to provide a firm foundation for your business. It needs not only to exist; it needs to attract visitors, answer their questions, and entice them to buy. Here are my top 5 suggestions to improve your chances of … [Read more...]