September 21, 2017

Riedel to Create First Ever Vignoles Glass

On December 6th,  Riedel, the world's leading wine glass company, will host a meeting at Mount Pleasant Winery in Augusta to help design the world's first glass for Vignoles.  Flying in from Austria for the event will be George Riedel,  head of the company that bears the family's name.Also in attendance will be a panel of 20 wine industry professionals who will taste Vignoles from 12 different … [Read more...]

Vignoles Rises Above Hybrid Stigma

From Ohio to Missouri, Vignoles is earning the praise of critics and wine drinkers who are now recognizing the quality of regional wines made from hybrid grapes.  Vignoles is an especially versatile grape; it can be picked midseason or left on the vine until the grapes are raisins. Vignoles can also make dry wine, dessert wine, or ice wine.See related story:  River City Vignoles Wins 2012 Indy … [Read more...]

Seven Springs Winery In Missouri Grows Strategically

Just because a winery is new or small does not mean its business model is simple.    Consider Seven Springs Winery which has been in business only three and one half years and sells 13,000 gallons a year.  Owner Mike Bleile is already growing grapes for two of Missouri's most prominent wineries, running an on premise gourmet deli and working with an internationally known winemaker at another … [Read more...]