September 19, 2017

Midwest Wine Programs in Transition

Michael Moyer didn’t hesitate to leave Walla Walla, Wash., for greener pastures this spring. After all, the job offer was huge. Could he launch the Midwest’s first – and only – commercial teaching winery in the upper Midwest?Beginning this fall, students – with a cap at around 25 – at Lake Michigan College in Benton Harbor, Mich., can earn a certificate or associates degree in enology or … [Read more...]

VESTA’s Enology Program Makes it Real

I had reached the moment of truth in VIN146, the Introduction to Enology course that forms part of the VESTA wine education program: it was time to bottle my homemade wine.Until now, the weeks spent dabbling with wine juice, chemicals from bentonite to sulfite, daily temperature monitoring and Brix readings had all seemed like innocent fun. It reminded me of being a little boy again when I … [Read more...]

The Wine School Boom

If it seems that half of your colleagues in the wine industry have taken up some form of wine education, you’re not imagining things. Enrollment in wine schools is up, thanks in large part to distributors, retailers and winery employees who’ve decided to sharpen their expertise in this fast-growing industry.“Most of our students are entrepreneurs who want to start their own wineries,” says … [Read more...]