October 20, 2017

Chemical Free, Ageworthy Wines in the Midwest

In the Batman movie, The Dark Knight, the Joker (played by the late Heath Ledger) notes the scared reaction to his crazy acts of violence and says, "Why so serious?" In The Dark Grape, he might have said, "Why so toxic?" as he observed the large amount of chemicals used on vineyards around the world.When it comes to using chemicals on vines, pre-emptive strikes - much like US foreign policy - … [Read more...]

Missouri Winery Tour: Westphalia, Chaumette and Augusta Wineries

Last week, my wife and I took urgent action. With baby number two's due date closing fast and the frightening prospect of never having time to do anything ever again, we filled the car with gas and dragged our toddler from one end of Missouri to the other to visit a few wineries.We started at Westphalia Vineyards, near the small town of the same name, just outside the state capitol, … [Read more...]