October 20, 2017

Sustainable Solution: Recycled Plastic Vineyard Posts

In the United States, recycled plastic lumber is starting to emerge as a durable and environmentally friendly option for vineyard posts.Steel or wooden posts are still the norm, but neither are ideal. The humidity and temperature fluctuations across our region mean wooden posts sometimes last only five years. Also, wooden posts are not always sourced from sustainable, plantation grown … [Read more...]

Build the 3 E’s of Sustainability Into Your Winery

Growing up in New Zealand, the concept of sustainability was engrained in me as a way of life. Most New Zealand families grow their own food, recycle everything they can, and care deeply about energy conservation. Taking that approach and applying it to a business can be challenging because we all have a bottom line to worry about. However, sustainability falls on the shoulders of all individuals … [Read more...]

Sustainable Suggestions From Michigan’s Good Neighbor Winery

During 2012,  Midwest Wine Press went looking for organic grape growers (See: Growing Organic Grapes in the Midwest) and found a few Midwestern vignerons who meet the strict USDA Organic certification requirements.Since then, we've heard from a number of wineries that grow grapes using various "sustainable" methods.  One winery in Northern Michigan, Good Neighbor Organic Vineyard and Winery, … [Read more...]

Ozonated Water: Vineyard Pest Control Without Chemicals

Until recently, the prospect of a grape growing industry in the Midwest without the use of chemicals may have seemed impossible. Throughout our region, insects, plant diseases and weeds thrive in the summer heat and humidity. Many grape growers say that without agricultural chemicals, they could not produce a consistent crop.But some winemakers say the widespread reliance on chemicals has … [Read more...]