September 21, 2017

Build the 3 E’s of Sustainability Into Your Winery

Growing up in New Zealand, the concept of sustainability was engrained in me as a way of life. Most New Zealand families grow their own food, recycle everything they can, and care deeply about energy conservation. Taking that approach and applying it to a business can be challenging because we all have a bottom line to worry about. However, sustainability falls on the shoulders of all individuals … [Read more...]

Sheep, Chickens and Bats Help Make Great Wine at Jowler Creek

Jason and Colleen Gerke are a husband and wife team from different backgrounds who came together over Missouri wine. Jason is a 5th generation farmer from Central Missouri who majored in Agriculture Journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia.Colleen grew up among the vines in Santa Maria, California and went on to study viticulture and enology at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo. After … [Read more...]